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Job Reference Checks
Do you send out resumes or complete applications and hear nothing back? Do you have great interviews and then never hear from that company again? Chances are you have a bad reference. Employers usually check references before a person is hired, though some results might come back after you are already employed. Don't let a bad reference sabotage your potential new job. Let Blue Planet Offices check your employment references and personal references.
Our rates are very competitive:
Only $19.95 for the first reference check.
Save $5 on 2, or $10 on 3.
PayPal, eChecks, All Major Credit Cards

If you have an employment reference and the company is now out of business or there is something else wrong with the reference, please read about all of our other services.

References for Defunct Employers
If you are the former employee of a defunct company, we can help. Blue Planet Offices stores the human resources records of numerous companies. We also are able to recreate employment records if necessary. If you worked for a small company that didn't keep proper records or were self-employed, we can help.

Toxic Companies
and the Boss from Hell
There are a lot of bad businesses and people out there. These people can ruin your chances for a new job. You can't just leave them off your application or resume. We'll tell you what you can do about this problem and how we can help you.

Is Your Employer Going
Out of Business?

Blue Planet Offices provides outsourced employee references for companies that are going out of business. If you are an employer, please visit our employer information site at Employer-References.Com to learn all about our services. If you are an employee of a company that is going out of business, please refer your human resources office or executives at your company to our site. Earn a substantial commission.

Being Downsized?
Blue Planet can help with outplacement services for separated employees. Why burden the HR department with reference requests for hundreds or thousands of former employees? Our call center can provide live operators to provide this service at very attractive rates. If the company you work for is downsizing, please tell your HR department about our service. You can earn a substantial commission.

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